Poison Deviny
PETER Costello nearly died laughing when he heard Julia Gillard lecturing the G20 about her government’s superior economic prowess, and urging them to, “Take note of the Australian way”. “It’s in spite of her, not because of her” that Australia’s economy is still in good shape, says the former Liberal Treasurer who delivered ten budget surpluses and left Labor with $21 billion in the bank and no net debt.

Stephen Koukoulas, 2007: “Net foreign debt is now $570 billion (55% of GDP), versus $190 billion (38% of GDP) in 1996.”


Classic Miranda, 2003: “But the naysayers try to talk this good news down. While professing to care about saving lives, they ignore evidence that law enforcement works. The NSW Greens have even brought to the coming election a drugs policy of decriminalisation and licensed drug outlets. “It is the party’s view that prohibition has failed,” NSW Greens convenor Geoff Ash told the media last week. Says who? The naysayers claim the heroin drought is a momentary aberration caused by the war in Afghanistan, but Australia’s heroin doesn’t even come from there.”
Classic Miranda, 2011: “If we are to feel guilty eating chocolate supposedly made in West Africa by exploited children, then drug users ought to hang their heads in shame. Forget “blood chocolate”, “blood coffee” and “blood diamonds”. How about “blood cocaine”. That was the point made by the Vice-President of Colombia, Francisco Santos Calderon, two years ago. “Every line of cocaine that a European (or Australian) snorts is soaked in blood. We want European society to understand that it is helping to destroy the Amazon, that it is helping to kill people.
Yep cocaine use is immoral, it’s not like there are farmers who have to grow coca because its the only crop they can feed their family with. If the West legalised coca, corporations could replace cartels and coca farmer families don’t have to starve.
Classic Miranda, 2011: “YOU have to worry when a comedian has more moral sense than an archbishop. But that is the conclusion to draw from the news that South Africa’s celebrated cleric Desmond Tutu has written a letter congratulating Marrickville Council’s attempted Israel boycott. “I want to pay my respects to you and your fellow Councillors in Marrickville for taking a stand to isolate the Israeli state,” wrote the 79-year-old Anglican Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, to Marrickville’s Greens mayor Fiona Byrne. You’d think Tutu might find more pressing humanitarian concerns in the Middle East to write letters about than continuing to demonise the only democracy in the region.”
Lebanon, Turkey, Kuwait and Morocco are all democracies
What’s kept Australia going through the financial crisis is all the policies she opposed - paying off government debt, the GST, the Future Fund, deregulation of the labour market.”“The Prime Minister is a socialist at home and free marketeer in Mexico,” jokes Costello. “She crosses the International Date Line and has a cathartic experience.” Gillard’s championing of labour market flexibility was what Costello found most “hilarious” in her G20 pronouncements at Mexico’s Los Cabos. “She, of course, is the person who introduced Fair Work Australia, the whole essence of which was to reduce flexibility… How she could lecture anyone on that is weird.
Gillard’s small audience was none too impressed, either. The President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso snapped at reporters: “Frankly, we are not coming here to receive lessons in terms of democracy or in terms of how to handle the economy.”

"But if you read Shanahan’s article carefully, you’ll see the headline was plainly wrong. Barroso had not mentioned Gillard or anyone else in his comments about being lectured. In fact, a Canadian media outlet reported Barroso’s comments were directed at Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose tough talk has allegedly “irritated” the Europeans.”


Classic Miranda, 2011: “In 1998, 18 per cent of Australians over 13 had recently smoked pot. That dropped to 13 per cent in 2001, and plummeted to 9 per cent in 2007. NOW that usage has spiked up, researchers are finding that children’s “perceived risk” of marijuana has fallen. In fact, kids disapprove more of cigarettes than bongs. The Gillard Government is quite happy to intervene and regulate to a ridiculous extent practices that are legal and less harmful - such as smoking, drinking and gambling.”
Take the sorry tale of British teacher Richard Tremelling, 37, sacked for breaching his school’s health and safety policy after allowing two students to try out a sled on the snowy slopes behind the school in 2009, even though the boys suffered no injury and no parent complained.Three years later, a disciplinary hearing has ruled Tremelling be reinstated. But he has still been reprimanded for “unacceptable professional misconduct”—a stain that will remain on his record for two years. “The world’s gone silly,” he told the Daily Mail. So it has.
Classic Miranda, 2011: “He met the two women 12 years ago when he answered their ad for a sperm donor in the Sydney Star Observer at the same time as they answered his ad in Lesbians On The Loose magazine for someone to bear his child. “It was meant to be,’’ he says. But he always wanted to be more than a sperm donor. He wanted to be a father. He was involved in the pregnancy, paying for the midwife and homeopathy treatments. He was there when the baby was born. But he always felt shut out by the non-biological mother.
If he wanted to be more than a sperm donor he shouldn’t have donated his sperm.
DAVID Karoly’s paper - which claimed the past 50 years in Australasia was the warmest on record - had been peer-reviewed and published online by the Journal of Climate last month to widespread acclaim. Now it’s been quietly removed and “put on hold” after Canadian skeptic Steve McIntyre - of hockey stick debunking fame - pointed out it contained a whopping big error. Or what Karoly and his young co-author Joelle Gergis, call a ‘’data processing issue’’. As Jo Nova puts it, “300,000 dollars and three years to produce a paper that lasted three weeks”. But while it might have been “scientifically invalid, it was a box-office success”.
Karoly having realised that something is wrong with his science is trying to fix it, while Steve McIntyre and Miranda continue to ignore that the hockey stick has been undebunked. Stalagmites, boreholes, glacier length, ice cores, lake sediment and coral studies have all backed up the hockey stick, while McIntyre still clings onto one bristlecone pine proxy record like a polar bear clinging onto the last piece of ice of his global warming affected territory.