Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda, 2008: For anyone despairing that the nihilism of Big Brother and Dolly magazine represents Australian youth, World Youth Day was the antidote. “It was so wonderful as a young person to show people we’re not all like that. We’re just working hard to be good people and trying to be the best we can be,” Wursthorn said. Cath Smibert, 28, who worked for Vatican media in Rome for seven years before returning this year to hometown Sydney, says World Youth Day is proof that “young people are rebelling against relativity and nothingness, and are excited about a voice that is consistent and proven over generations, and which cares enough about them to be consistent”.
Classic Miranda, 2008: A friend, a 42-year-old mother of two, in the early stages of multiple sclerosis, has been refused service at bars three times, because she is unsteady on her feet. Yet she drinks little.The legislation has unpleasant Big Brother overtones and places too much responsibility on the person behind the bar to make a judgment call. It also could be abused by bar staff who like power games or don’t like a customer, legitimately or not. The problem is that, even if a patron has a legitimate beef, it is all too easy for management to pull out the legal card of RSA. The patron is left with no room to manoeuvre.
Isn’t the appropriate recourse for bad service to never spend money there again? How many establishments with alcohol do not have another establishment with alcohol in walking distance to go to if you’re turned away?
Classic Miranda, 2006: Which is all very well, but is it any wonder some Muslim families might want to segregate their daughters from the raunch culture that has engulfed the 21st-century West, in which a girl’s worth is measured by her “hotness”, 10-year-olds learn the art of “turkey slapping” from Big Brother, and schoolgirls have breast augmentation so they can look like Pamela Anderson.
No one wants breasts that looked like Pamela Anderson’s. Not even Pamela Anderson wanted breasts like hers that’s why she got them downsized. 
Classic Miranda, 2004: Re: Big Brother “Ten must comply with quite draconian restrictions under threat of “serious punitive sanctions” - as in losing its licence. But it has only itself to blame. The sexual harassment of the notorious penis/shoulder massage and the “very coarse” song about “fetishistic and degrading sexual behaviour” have brought it undone. Thanks to its contempt for standards, it will have the media authority breathing down its neck.”
Grotty sexual behavior deserves intervention but racial vilification doesn’t re: Bolt?