Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda, 2011: “Jake, a 55-year-old Jewish health professional with friends in Marrickville, was so incensed by the council’s Israel boycott that he took three weeks off work to wage a guerrilla campaign against the Greens, plastering the suburb with posters late at night, accusing them of homophobia for boycotting gay-friendly Israel.”

"Pinkwashing not only manipulates the hard-won gains of Israel’s gay community, but it also ignores the existence of Palestinian gay-rights organizations. Homosexuality has been decriminalized in the West Bank since the 1950s, when anti-sodomy laws imposed under British colonial influence were removed from the Jordanian penal code, which Palestinians follow. More important is the emerging Palestinian gay movement with three major organizations: AswatAl Qaws andPalestinian Queers for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. These groups are clear that the oppression of Palestinians crosses the boundary of sexuality; as Haneen Maikay, the director of Al Qaws, has said, “When you go through a checkpoint it does not matter what the sexuality of the soldier is.”


Classic Miranda, 2010: It is on this point that peace talks have stalled since the Israeli government’s freeze on the construction of Jewish settlements expired last month. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has offered to renew the settlement freeze only if the Palestinians recognise Israel’s right to exist. But the ruling Palestinian authority in Gaza, the Iranian backed militant group Hamas, is committed to the destruction of the Jewish state - and this month, the western-backed Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, declared: “We’ll never sign a deal demanding recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.”
Look we’ll give you some of what you want if you agree that we deserve this land that was taken from you more than you do because we’re better than you nana nana boo-boo stick your head in doo-doo
Classic Miranda, 2010: During a typical week in May, the Post reported, Israel allowed in 637 truckloads ferrying 14,069 tonnes of food, medicine and other supplies, but it said joblessness was rampant, the economy broken and infrastructure falling apart.
I don’t see how they can have a functioning economy and infrastructure when cement, glass, steel, bitumen, wood, paint, doors, plastic pipes, metal pipes, metal reinforcement rods, aggregate, generators, high voltage cables and wooden telegraph poles are "high priority reconstruction materials currently with no or highly limited entry into Gaza through official crossings."

"The allegation was made by Eldad Beck, who complained of “Arab hate” at the rally. Beck, who clearly does not know what he is talking about, said that the crowd repeatedly quoted a verse in the Qur’an that spoke of killing all Jews. There is no such verse in the Islamic holy book. The Jewish revelation from God to Abraham and Moses is retold in the Qur’an, which has positive stories of the Children of Israel. The castigation of the Children of Israel in the Qur’an is of the same sort you see in the Hebrew Bible, and often put in the mouth of Moses or another Jewish prophet.”