Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda, 2005: What the public may not understand is that in media-saturated situations, families like the Corbys will often choose to give exclusive access to one outlet, not for money, but in order to gain protection from the rest of the media, which is competing fiercely for their attention. The chosen media organisation will then shield the family from media scrums, organise getaway cars, courtroom seats, translators, secure accommodation and such mundane items as bottles of water and cigarettes.
Classic Miranda, 2006: Meanwhile, back in Australia, 25-year-old Michelle Leslie, who was caught by Indonesian police with two ecstasy tablets in her Gucci handbag in Bali, is being treated as a pariah by the local fashion industry.
A rich model gets out of a Bali prison by faking a conversion to Islam and we’re supposed to sympathize with her; but a boy from a non affluent background gets locked up for marijuana possession and tsk tsk maybe some time behind bars would do him good.

The Gillard government is quite happy to intervene and regulate to a ridiculous extent practices that are legal and less harmful such as smoking, drinking and gambling.

Yet when it comes to illicit drugs, they’re all softly softly, turn a blind eye and get the law out of it.

You can become physically dependent on tobacco and alcohol but it has been proven that the only addiction possible with marijuana is psychological. When considering cheapness and duration of effects the costs of a poker machine addiction are much worse. You can can overdose on hard liquor but doing so with marijuana is impossible. It’s as carcinogenic as cigarettes (only if you smoke it), the only link to schizophrenia is that it is often used as a medication by sufferers and like alcohol you really have to be abusing the stuff for it to have an affecton your memory. So why should we cater to Miranda’s minority when by legalizing it we can cut crime by eliminating a need for it’s illegal sale, the taxing of it would be a great source of government funds and the practices of illegal growth which attribute to harmful effects would be eliminated through regulation?