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I think that the out there right wing bias which is at times very destructive needs balancing.” Balanced out of existence, if he had his way. Brown has a plan, which began with the Finkelstein media inquiry which he was instrumental in calling. He believes there is a need for an “arms length media watchdog… to enforce ethics” and he congratulated himself several times because he had “stood up” to the media and was “not frightened”. It’s a pity there was no Michael Gove there to set him straight. The British Education Secetary, appearing at the British press inquiry, last week told Lord Justice Leveson: “I’m sure that there are cases where journalists and others will behave in ways which are deplorable. The question remains, however: what is the most effective means of ensuring that individuals do not behave in a deplorable fashion? It’s often the case that individuals reach for regulation in order to deal with failures of character or morality, and sometimes that regulation is right and appropriate, but some of us believe that before the case for regulation is made, the case for liberty needs to be asserted as well.
I’m guessing a carbon tax related blackout prevented Miranda from correcting her spelling mistakes/ finishing this post.

I’m guessing a carbon tax related blackout prevented Miranda from correcting her spelling mistakes/ finishing this post.

Classic Miranda, 2011: “Brown gives a passable impression of being a moderate, reasonable, man. But without him, as Mark Latham puts it, the Greens are a party of “real nutters and absolute extremists”, especially their NSW branch, once headed by former Socialist Party member Lee Rhiannon, who is about to land in Canberra as part of the Greens team in the senate holding the balance of power from July 1. She is spoken of as a successor to Brown, 65. Greens MP Adam Bandt is a classic inner-city left-winger, who rabbits on about a “climate emergency” which he sees as a vehicle to implement his extremist anti-capitalist views. As a law student, he complained that the Greens were too bourgeois for his Marxist politics. Greens candidates like Fiona Byrne (who failed to win the state seat of Marrickville) and Jamie Parker (who just squeaked home in Balmain) are more concerned about Israel than saving trees. As Marrickville mayor, Byrne mounted a boycott against Israel and said that if she were elected to parliament she would push for a statewide ban. It’s associations like this which discredit the green movement and everyone associated with it.”
How do they expect to become a minor party polling above 10% with loony ideas like those?

Miranda’s bulked up her claims about the Greens being doomed and their destructiveness to the country. Let me count the ways her claims are bullshit:

"With a desperate Labor minority government belatedly turning on its Greens partners, and the Greens vote going backwards in state elections, Brown, 67, had passed the zenith of his career."

"Good luck with that, considering greenies are the chief cause of grief to the bush. Let us count the ways. Forestry towns destroyed by irrational green tree worship. Uncontrollable bushfires caused, not by global warming, but by green opposition to hazard reduction. National parks left to feral animals which rampage though neighbouring farms. Dams never built thanks to greenie protests. Wind turbines plonked all over bucolic hillsides. A live cattle industry brought to its knees. The Wild Rivers assault on the ability of entrepreneurial Cape York Aborigines to earn a living from their land. Dangerous highways which kill country people in disproportionate numbers, because green tape blocks road upgrades.”

1. Greens don’t worship plantation trees

2. The Greens support hazard reduction

3. These feral animals would be stripping their own habitat too if this were the case

4. Is Barry not building a second airport because of greenie protests too?

5. “Bucolic hillsides” = good, native forests = let her rip?

6. The live cattle industry which is making record profits?

7.  The legislation means that destructive development such as  dams, intensive irrigation and strip mining is kept out of declared pristine rivers. However, Wild River laws support cultural practices and smaller-scale uses such as eco-tourism infrastructure, cattle grazing and fishing.  Native title rights are explicitly protected, and Wild River declarations make special water reserves specifically for indigenous economic development.”

8. Are the shootings in Western Sydney green tape too? The Star Casino shenanigans … green tape?

"The irony is that coal seam gas exploration has boomed because of the Greens. All that fracking in farmland is driven by their demands for “clean” energy to replace coal. The switch from coal to gas is embedded in the carbon tax package negotiated by Milne and Brown, regardless of their claims to be anti-gas now.”

The Greens have been the only party fighting to end csg exploration because they want us to use it?

Classic Miranda, 2011: “After the deadly 2009 Victorian bushfires I wrote a column pointing out that green ideological opposition to proper hazard reduction was largely responsible for the scale and unstoppable intensity of the fires. Greens leader Bob Brown, who had already blamed the fires on global warming, stormed into my editor’s office demanding I be reined in, which needless to say, I was not.”

"Senator Brown reiterated that the Australian Greens’ well-publicised policy is for prescribed burn-offs."


"Upper House Green Greg Barber has criticised moves to triple Victoria’s burn area to 390,000ha a year - one of the bushfire royal commission’s recommendations. The commission said fuel reduction would limit the risk of another Black Saturday, which killed 173 people and destroyed more than 2000 homes in 2009. But Mr Barber said there should be less focus on scale and more on vulnerable communities. "As the scientists at the royal commission said, by picking a target area to burn, you lose sight of the whole point, which is to protect humans, property and the environment," Mr Barber said. "Calling for a really large number is just a politician’s trick to get your head on telly. It’s not going to make people safer. What’s going to make people safer is smaller burns where people live."


Much of this mess has been created by inadequate psychiatric services and lax border security which has allowed in, not just boat people and Glock pistols, but a new flood of drugs. The police are the only ones left on the frontline to protect the rest of us from the consequences. It’s too much pressure on the thin blue line and no room for error.

It does seem like cops have to deal with the result of our lax underfunded bureaucracies and then get the blame when the results aren’t good. It’s alot like the truckies, the people who cause the deaths get blamed but why those people would be put in that situation in the first place isn’t questioned and things don’t change.  

I also think Miranda has a point when it comes to Bob and the Greens not gaining ground in Queensland:

“Fellow Earthians,” he began.

“So why has no one from elsewhere in the cosmos contacted us? Surely some people-like animals have evolved elsewhere. Why aren’t the intergalactic phones ringing?”

Why indeed. Next Bob will be sucking his little finger and asking for Mini-Me.

The speech is here and really shows a lack of judgement from the Greens leader. Kooky shit like this makes it hard to be a Green voter without feeling like a kook yourself and this is the wall the Greens need to break down to really start stripping Labor of their last remaining progressive voters. The Greens time as fringe environmentalists is over so maybe it’s time that their chief fringe environmentalist be put out to pasture.

Classic Miranda, 2010: In his post-mortem address Labor’s National Secretary Bitar fingered Gillard’s “real Julia” moment and citizens’ assembly as among the campaign’s worst mistakes, along with the Sydney rail link.Gillard signed off on all three. Perhaps most hurtful was Richo’s praise for Greens leader Bob Brown, “arguably the best politician in the country”. That has to be a sore point for Gillard, leader of a minority government dancing to the Greens’ tune of euthanasia, gay marriage, climate change and asylum seekers.
  • Euthanasia: No
  • Gay Marriage: a conscience vote that will probably fail
  • Climate Change: Yes but not as hefty a Carbon Price as the Greens want
  • Asylum Seekers: No

The pretext for the media inquiry was the News of the World phone-hacking scandal in Britain. While no one denies how despicable were the practices uncovered there, they are a Fleet Street disease.

I’ve worked for both major newspaper companies in Australia, News Limited and Fairfax, and I know the Fleet Street disease doesn’t exist in either place. If it exists in Australia at all, it is in television.

Mr Negus told a court yesterday that he told Mr Whittaker that if The Australian published its planned story, the targets of its operation, believed to have links to Somali terrorist group al-Shabab, could ”go to the nearest shopping centre and decide to take action”.A statement tendered to the Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday details the conversation according to Mr Negus. 

Mr Negus: ”Look, I am formally requesting you from the AFP, Victoria Police and ASIO not to go ahead with this story. People’s lives are at risk if you publish this story tomorrow.”

Mr Whittaker: ”Well, how many lives are at risk?”

Mr Negus: ”Well, if these people are aware of police interest, they may well not go for their intended site … Publishing the article will put public safety at risk!”

Mr Whittaker: ”Well, what are we talking about? One person being killed, or … a number of people being killed?”

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/editors-bargain-with-police-20111102-1mvt2.html#ixzz1dFJ6B2gN