Poison Deviny
In old video footage aired before the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations this weekend, the most striking impression from the British monarch’s 60-year reign is the powerful chemistry with her husband of six-and-a-half decades, Prince Philip. From the golden couple of the 1940s to the geriatrics of today, there is a spark and easy affection as they catch each other’s eye at a formal occasion or share a private smile during a walkabout. Stolen glances, shared laughter and whispered observations are our glimpses into a marriage of deep love and friendship. In November they celebrate 65 years of marriage, and they still seem smitten. At a time when traditional marriage is under threat, their long and loving union is a beacon of hope.

And is their any better evidence of how one healthy traditional marriage begets more healthy traditional marriages than their children? Haha oh wait only 1 of her 4 children is still in their first marriage.

"Born on a kitchen table in Corfu, a year before his family was ousted in a coup, Philip had a lonely childhood. His mother, a British aristocrat descended from Queen Victoria, had a nervous breakdown.”

Nothing more traditional than incest.

"Her parents at first were unsure about this dashing naval officer who had stolen their daughter’s heart when she was 13. They first laid eyes on him at Dartmouth Naval College where he was an 18-year-old cadet assigned to babysit her and her younger sister, Margaret.”

Nothing more attractive to an 18 year old than a 13 year old.

"Afterwards, it is said she kept his photograph on her dressing table. Six years later, he returned from war a decorated hero to find a formidable woman who accepted his proposal without consulting her parents."

If that’s “traditional” what would you call a marriage in which a man asks his beloved’s father for permission, or a marriage decided by two families between two of their children without consulting those children?

“I never realised what lovely skin she has,” a friend once said to the young husband. “Yes,” Philip replied, “she’s like that all over.”

Such class

"To this day, enduring public affection for the Queen has doused Australia’s republican ambitions."

Actually Roy Morgan support for a Republic broke 50% in the 90’s during her reign. It’s down to 35% but I guess we have more pressing issues now a days than whose on our coin.

Classic Miranda, 2011: “The 29-year-old royal bride and her 27-year-old party planner sister Pippa are normal fun-loving young women, but their public appearances have been marked by the sort of spirited decorum that would have earned Jane Austen’s approval.”
I think if Austen loved decorum she wouldn’t have satirised it so blithely, her heroes are always at odds with what’s expected of them after all. Again I’m wondering whether Miranda actually reads the books and authors she references.
Classic Miranda, 2011: “At its heart, the royal wedding at Westminster Abbey was an affirmation of the power of love, and the importance of the institution of “holy matrimony” to bind a man and a woman together. In a cynical era, it was an excuse for believing in fairytales.”
I too hate things that are cynical; like when a columnist uses a royal wedding to take a jab at homosexuals and their desire for equal rights …
Classic Miranda, 2011: ““You look beautiful” he mouthed to Kate as she took her place by his side at the altar of Westminster Abbey on Friday. His wife will never feel unloved or disrespected, as his mother felt she was. Kate smiles a lot, but she has a natural reserve that keeps prying eyes at bay. It will protect her from a well-meaning public who arguably loved her late mother-in-law Princess Diana to death, drawn by her vulnerability and hunger for love. Kate, by contrast, gives the impression of a woman secure in the knowledge she has been loved and cherished all her life. The close-knit Middleton family has ensured that she is grounded and self-confident.”
Christ almighty assume much?
Classic Miranda, 2011: “The new Duchess of Cambridge, 29, has cemented her place as a role model for a younger generation. Respectful and decorous at a time when manners have been devalued, she presents as an independent woman who can maintain her dignity and modesty without becoming boring, aloof or unfashionable.”
I think she’s boring; I can’t think of anything interesting about her. At least Diana was a crazy slut.
Classic Miranda, 2011: “There was a photograph taken last October, of William and Kate, 29, leaving their friends’ wedding in Gloucestershire, which captures something of his resolve that his marriage will not suffer the same fate as his parents’.”
I went to my friends Bar Mitzvah the other day, which captures my resolve to be Jewish
“Classic Miranda, 2011: “Now that savvy William, 28, has chosen so well the woman who will determine the future success of the British monarchy, there can be no doubt, at least in Australian eyes, that he should be the next King. It is, after all, what his troubled late mother wanted.”
 We must honour that crazy slut’s wishes
Classic Miranda, 2011: “Already, the high regard for Denmark’s Crown’s Princess Mary, formerly Tasmanian Mary Donaldson, has cemented a place in the Australian heart for attractive, well-behaved royal connections. And Prince William’s conduct since his mother Diana’s tragic death 14 years ago has been so exemplary as to melt even the frostiest republican soul.”
Having a lavish wedding while his country suffers through austerity, how cute.