Poison Deviny
It’s the spectre of the carbon tax that created the budget’s central inconsistency, and which - as the ever helpful Graham Richardson pointed out this week - is based on a “fiction”. On budget eve, the former Hawke minister told the ABC’s Q&A: “I think a $23 carbon price is a joke. It’s probably three times what the world price is at the moment and I don’t think you can maintain a fiction for too long.”
YOU wouldn’t know it from listening to Treasurer Wayne Swan, but the spectre hanging over this budget is the carbon tax. It’s the same malign presence hanging over the prime minister’s career, as a reminder of her big broken promise, and dragging the government down in the polls to a primary vote below 30 per cent.
Classic Miranda, 2011: “And he ruled out compensation for energy companies which make sure our lights switch on and are complaining they will go belly up under a carbon tax regime. As the boss of two small LaTrobe valley coal-fired power stations told The Australian: “We have survived bushfires and floods but we may not be able to survive Garnaut.

"COAL-FIRED power stations facing losses as a result of the $20-$25 a tonne carbon price to be announced this weekend will be offered immediate access to emergency federal government loans to head off financial failure and ensure energy supplies for southeast Australia."


IF anyone is to blame for the current political predicament afflicting the nation, it is New England independent Tony Windsor. He and his sidekick independent Rob Oakeshott promised “stability” as the excuse for betraying their conservative electorates during their fabled 17 days of decision after the 2010 election. And yet, as the government grows increasingly erratic, stubborn Windsor still won’t admit he was wrong.
The people of New England must be damning Windsor for securing them faster internet, interest rates lower than they ever were in the Howard years and a carbon price which will bring money to energy sources that won’t poison their water and land like CSG.
Classic Miranda, 2011: “Therefore, non-compliant media are “unprofessional” or “shock jocks” acting as “volunteer sergeant majors in the people’s revolt summoned by Commander General Tony Abbott”, as one report put it. Any legitimate complaint is a “scare campaign”, intemperate phone calls become “death threats” and opposition by the Opposition is the equivalent of the US tea party.
The pattern here is partisan abuse, hyperbole and misrepresentation.”

TONY Abbott has parroted a warning from a major union that the South Australian industrial city of Whyalla will be “wiped off the map” because of the government’s proposed carbon tax”


Classic Miranda, 2011: “The most effective solution, he says, is to dramatically increase research and development on green-energy technology. For every dollar spent on research and development, you would save $11 in future climate damage, which is about 500 times better than a carbon tax.”

"The carbon price agreement will create a Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), an independent body that will have $10 billion worth of funds to allocate as loans or equity investments. These are not grants, but will help renewable energy projects to get off the ground where they are unable to find finance. Half the $10 billion will be for strictly renewable energy, while the other half will be available to renewables or “clean” gas/renewable hybrids, but not for “clean coal” carbon capture technology. The other significant move is to create the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), which will administer $3.2 billion of existing renewable energy projects."


Classic Miranda, 2011: “At a small dinner in Sydney on Tuesday night, Lomborg, author of The Skeptical Environmentalist, outlined the flaws in the government’s approach. The least effective, most expensive solution to climate change is any sort of tax on carbon dioxide, he says. “For every dollar you spend, you save a couple of cents in climate damage”. And that money wasted today means you are less well placed to deal with any potential ill-effects of climate change in the future.”
I doubt the post-climate apocalypse world will still be using our forms of currency

Classic Miranda, 2011: “Windsor went back on air later to continue the interview but still refused to explain his unfounded smear against 2NZ. He also said, “low income earners could possibly profit” from a carbon tax. And he claimed the 2NZ phone poll showing 97 percent of callers were against the tax was part of a “campaign that’s being pushed to frighten people” by websites with an “American-style political agenda… We shouldn’t encourage it.”

How stupid does he think people are?”

Classic Miranda, 2011: “THE feigned outrage over Coalition MPs likening government ministers to Libya’s dictator Muammar Gaddaffi or Comical Ali is ridiculous. When Peter Dutton and Sophie Mirabella cited those international figures of ridicule they were not accusing their opposite numbers of mass murder. They were referring to their baldfaced attempts to claim black is white.”
It’s not like there’d be Libyan Australians who’d feel upset that an issue like the carbon price would be put on the same level as thousand of people in their country of origin being slaughtered.
I’m guessing a carbon tax related blackout prevented Miranda from correcting her spelling mistakes/ finishing this post.

I’m guessing a carbon tax related blackout prevented Miranda from correcting her spelling mistakes/ finishing this post.