Poison Deviny
LORD Mayor Clover Moore has worn out her welcome with Sydneysiders - even the 34,000 people who voted for her at the last election must be having second thoughts. Her legacy will be the $70 million ugly white elephant of a cycleway that has gridlocked the streets and is rarely used by cyclists. They’d prefer taking their chances with the traffic to riding on a bunch of over engineered obstacle paths punctuated by pictures of bicycles stencilled on the road under parked cars. After eight long years, it’s time. Premier Barry O’Farrell is at last going to force Moore to choose by September between her two jobs - mayor or independent state MP. As far as Sydney is concerned, it’s no choice at all. Moore should immediately vacate Town Hall. We need a lord mayor who can restore some sanity to our broken city, free up the traffic, allow people to park for a reasonable price, forget about turning parking spots into green energy substations and start working with the state government to get the city moving again.
Carbon price = authoritarian, media inquiry = authoritarian, forcing a woman out of a job she was elected to = ok because Miranda doesn’t like traffic but cannot be seen riding a bike or taking a train like the rest of us sclebs.