Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda, 2011: “As a leaked draft memorandum of understanding revealed Malaysia deleting any reference to human rights, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen admitted children would be among asylum seekers Australia plans to ship off to an uncertain fate in a Third World country that routinely canes illegal entrants. The aim of outsourcing Australia’s human rights obligations, Bowen told Lateline’s Tony Jones on Thursday night, was to “break the people smugglers’ business model”. He was “making an example”, as Jones put it, of the children. Imagine the outcry if the Howard government had planned such a thing. Yet the Left is extraordinarily restrained as suddenly meek refugee activists say they’re willing to give the Government the benefit of the doubt.”

Julian Burnside: “The Malaysian Solution provoked another bout of amnesia. Both major parties have forgotten the spectacular cost to taxpayers of trafficking people to other countries, whether it is Malaysia or Nauru. Not to mention the pointless cruelty of it all.”

Sarah Hanson-Young: “The Australian Greens have condemned the Malaysian Solution reached today which will involve sending up to 800 people, including unaccompanied children, to an unknown fate.”