Poison Deviny
IF anyone is to blame for the current political predicament afflicting the nation, it is New England independent Tony Windsor. He and his sidekick independent Rob Oakeshott promised “stability” as the excuse for betraying their conservative electorates during their fabled 17 days of decision after the 2010 election. And yet, as the government grows increasingly erratic, stubborn Windsor still won’t admit he was wrong.
The people of New England must be damning Windsor for securing them faster internet, interest rates lower than they ever were in the Howard years and a carbon price which will bring money to energy sources that won’t poison their water and land like CSG.

Miranda’s bulked up her claims about the Greens being doomed and their destructiveness to the country. Let me count the ways her claims are bullshit:

"With a desperate Labor minority government belatedly turning on its Greens partners, and the Greens vote going backwards in state elections, Brown, 67, had passed the zenith of his career."

"Good luck with that, considering greenies are the chief cause of grief to the bush. Let us count the ways. Forestry towns destroyed by irrational green tree worship. Uncontrollable bushfires caused, not by global warming, but by green opposition to hazard reduction. National parks left to feral animals which rampage though neighbouring farms. Dams never built thanks to greenie protests. Wind turbines plonked all over bucolic hillsides. A live cattle industry brought to its knees. The Wild Rivers assault on the ability of entrepreneurial Cape York Aborigines to earn a living from their land. Dangerous highways which kill country people in disproportionate numbers, because green tape blocks road upgrades.

1. Greens don’t worship plantation trees

2. The Greens support hazard reduction

3. These feral animals would be stripping their own habitat too if this were the case

4. Is Barry not building a second airport because of greenie protests too?

5. “Bucolic hillsides” = good, native forests = let her rip?

6. The live cattle industry which is making record profits?

7.  The legislation means that destructive development such as  dams, intensive irrigation and strip mining is kept out of declared pristine rivers. However, Wild River laws support cultural practices and smaller-scale uses such as eco-tourism infrastructure, cattle grazing and fishing.  Native title rights are explicitly protected, and Wild River declarations make special water reserves specifically for indigenous economic development.”

8. Are the shootings in Western Sydney green tape too? The Star Casino shenanigans … green tape?

"The irony is that coal seam gas exploration has boomed because of the Greens. All that fracking in farmland is driven by their demands for “clean” energy to replace coal. The switch from coal to gas is embedded in the carbon tax package negotiated by Milne and Brown, regardless of their claims to be anti-gas now.”

The Greens have been the only party fighting to end csg exploration because they want us to use it?

New leader Milne made a pitch to “progressive business” and rural and regional voters, claiming “The Greens and the bush” simply misunderstood each other and “as a country person” she was going to remedy that and “advance a new conversation”. Good luck with that, considering the Greens are the chief cause of grief to the bush.
I can’t think of one reason why the Greens are causing rural people grief but I can think of some Green backed policies that could impact rural people;an NBN that will open up education possibilities for the isolated, ending CSG companies not needing farmer permission to poison the water/ earth on their land and restrictions on the supermarket duopoly to stop farmers getting screwed.