Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda, 2010: “We now have American politicians calling for Assange to be executed, Canadians saying he should be assassinated, Sarah Palin saying he should be hunted down “like Osama bin Laden”, and bloggers calling for his Australian son, 20-year-old Daniel Assange, to be kidnapped. And the Australian Prime Minister’s response has been to call him a criminal and threaten to cancel his passport. David Hicks got better treatment and he was bearing arms in Afghanistan for the enemy. Where’s Dick Smith now?”
Six years in Guantanamo without charge is better treatment than a year living in mansions?
Classic Miranda, 2010: There is no remorse, no apology, just justification piled on evasion piled on self pity. It doesn’t mean Hicks might not be worthy of pity or redemption some day. But it doesn’t mean his capture and incarceration as an enemy combatant was wrong.
Hicks was held for 6 years without trial which makes his guilty plea suspect. Who wouldn’t do anything to get out of Guantanamo Bay after six years?
Miranda Devine: We need to fight terrorism by being more like terrorists

It’s 10 years on from 9/11, so of course Miranda can’t sit in quiet mourning. Moral relativism, David Hicks and secularism have to be attacked hidden in the form of a remembrance piece.

"Passionate and courteous, they were formulating the debate we have been having ever since - do you appease the hatemongers, shower them with largesse, apologise for past perceived misdeeds, change your way of life in order not to cause future offence, or do you strike back at the terrorists and their supporters."

Killing lots of innocent civilians in the process creating more terrorists out of those left to grieve or feel disenfranchised.

"We have so gentrified the idea of moral relativism that it is considered distasteful to talk about the "good guys" and the "bad guys"."

They are not “bad guys”, they are people who have been indoctrinated into a cult. They are open to change if we don’t try to enforce it with guns. And the West are certainly not “good guys”. That sort of thinking is at the root of what makes people strap on bombs to kill innocents they think are evil.

"To banish God from Ground Zero is as much an admission of defeat as any for the most open - and most religiously observant - nation on Earth."

You know not every American is a Christian Miranda.

"You see how awry is our moral compass in the fact we lionise David Hicks, who trained as a terrorist under Osama bin Laden, took up arms against our allies, and rushed back to Afghanistan to support his brother terrorists after September 11."

We don’t lionise him, we think that fact he was held for so long without trial and then made to plead guilty to a charge under duress of longer imprisonment is wrong.

"We can see the West’s loss of confidence in the timid tone of the memorial ceremonies planned to mark the 10th anniversary of September 11 in New York. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decreed there will be no prayers or religious observances. This on its own is a sign of the decline of American self-belief."

Maybe because as mayor he is part of the secular state and shouldn’t be organizing religious activities. And Christians weren’t the only people who died.

And yet, despite our self-doubt, as former prime minister John Howard points out, we are not beaten. “The way of life we treasure is still intact We are still an open, free society.”

Howard has little respect for freedom. Phone tapping, extraordinary rendition, holding people without trial, all these things have created an us vs them culture that has only made the divide between Islam and the West larger. And he supported and helped enforce it all. We have not won anything, we are still fighting and making little progress. And the terrorists got what they wanted, so many in the West have become as hate filled as they are. Not Miranda though, she’s always been hate-filled.