Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda, 2003: “But the naysayers try to talk this good news down. While professing to care about saving lives, they ignore evidence that law enforcement works. The NSW Greens have even brought to the coming election a drugs policy of decriminalisation and licensed drug outlets. “It is the party’s view that prohibition has failed,” NSW Greens convenor Geoff Ash told the media last week. Says who? The naysayers claim the heroin drought is a momentary aberration caused by the war in Afghanistan, but Australia’s heroin doesn’t even come from there.”
Classic Miranda, 2011: “If we are to feel guilty eating chocolate supposedly made in West Africa by exploited children, then drug users ought to hang their heads in shame. Forget “blood chocolate”, “blood coffee” and “blood diamonds”. How about “blood cocaine”. That was the point made by the Vice-President of Colombia, Francisco Santos Calderon, two years ago. “Every line of cocaine that a European (or Australian) snorts is soaked in blood. We want European society to understand that it is helping to destroy the Amazon, that it is helping to kill people.
Yep cocaine use is immoral, it’s not like there are farmers who have to grow coca because its the only crop they can feed their family with. If the West legalised coca, corporations could replace cartels and coca farmer families don’t have to starve.
Classic Miranda, 2009: When it comes to drug prohibition, the biggest advocates are former addicts, if you can find any in NSW, where abstinence is a dirty word and the state requires its heroin users to be sedated on methadone for the rest of their lives.