Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda; 2010: PORTIA de Rossi’s refusal to be interviewed by men, while posing as the poster girl for equality and tolerance during a visit to Australia to promote her new book, was a spectacular own goal for the gay marriage movement. The “wife” of US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres told ABC radio she was, “a little bit disappointed” with Julia Gillard’s opposition to same-sex marriage proposals from the Greens, which preoccupied federal parliament last week. It is a matter of “equality for every citizen”, she said. Yet when de Rossi appeared on Sunrise she wouldn’t let David Koch interview her - only his co-host, Melissa Doyle. She also insisted on a female interviewer on the Hamish and Andy Show. De Rossi is entitled to the interviewer of her choice, provided those media organisations are willing to overlook such flagrant sexism. But she has blown her claims of tolerance and equality out the window.
"Radio network Austereo today confirmed it had tried to secure an interview with de Rossi by presenters Hamish and Andy this week, but was told the star’s preference was to speak to a female. Presenter Fifi Box conducted the interview yesterday instead. Austereo public relations manager Chelsea Kelly said the program was not advised of a blanket ban on men. "The word used yesterday to us was ‘preference’ - it was her preference to speak to a woman," Kelly said. "The reason we were given for that was because her book and the context of her book is about women’s issues and the pressures on women to be thin and it was just a better fit if the interviewer was a woman. "We didn’t have a problem with it. The boys [Hamish and Andy] were quite happy to let Fifi do the interview." In her book, de Rossi, the wife of US talkshow host Ellen de Generes, details her battle with an eating disorder and her struggle to come to terms with her homosexuality.”

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/de-rossi-accused-of-sexism-after-refusing-male-interview-20101118-17yct.html#ixzz1lZsvHxSR