Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda, 2011: “Carbon pricing was poison when Kevin Rudd’s polls were plummeting last year and that was the reason Gillard suggested he ditch the ETS on which he had staked his leadership.”

"Newspoll head Martin O’Shannessy warned the Coalition not to get too excited about today’s poll.

"Labor’s taken a hit," he told ABC Radio today. But he warned the big turnaround should be treated with caution, saying it fell in the "rogue poll" range. "We think these numbers are probably telling us there is a protest vote … probably against the shelving of the ETS [emissions trading scheme]." 

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/making-unpopular-decisions-part-of-my-job-rudd-20100504-u47p.html#ixzz1neYRDFkH
Classic Miranda, 2011: “But you can’t claim a mandate when it was popular opposition to carbon tax and resentment of soaring energy bills and green money-wasting schemes which destroyed Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership of the Opposition, and led to the downfall of Kevin “greatest moral challenge” Rudd.”
Popular opposition? Abbott won the leadership from Turnbull by only 1 vote and Rudd’s poll numbers began to fall after he shelved the ETS.
Classic Miranda: “As Barnaby Joyce reminded everyone this week, by winning the “unwinnable” 1993 election, Paul Keating showed John Hewson how difficult it was to go to the Australian people with a new tax - which is what the emissions trading scheme is - an energy tax.”
No it’s not, it’s not a tax on hydroelectric energy or wind energy. And referencing Barnaby Joyce, whose favorite arguement against climate change is “oh look it’s raining today, that climate change is really making us suffer”? And climate skeptics wonder why they’re ridiculed.