Poison Deviny
How did “at least six experienced people smugglers”, who came to Australia by boat, win refugee status? How are they able to ply their trade from our shores? These are the individuals described by refugee activists as the Oskar Schindlers of Asia. Four Corners traced the tragic voyage of 97 people believed lost at sea en route to Australia and showed the callous lies of the people smugglers as they fooled relatives into thinking their loved ones were safe while continuing to collect money for the ill-fated trip. The deaths of those poor people and hundreds of others are a direct result of this government’s failed, incompetent, naive and dishonest handling of border protection. It will be a nightmare for the next Coalition government to put right.
They’re called the “Oskar Schindlers of Asia” because of the genuine asylum seekers they save, people who under the Coalition will again be locked up for years with the crooks. In detention people commit suicide, children become disturbed, and that is supposed to be a humane solution compared with just accepting people? Ending people smuggling on boats that sink is as easy as ending criminal drug trafficking, legalise it