Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda, 2011: “She was one of the chief peddlers of the lie that sexual liberation would fulfill women. She railed against the “bourgeois perversion of motherhood.” Yet she admits to a series of abortions and ensuing gynecological problems. Despite expensive fertility treatments, she was never able to conceive a child that in the end she wanted. She was married briefly before walking out and now lives alone. In her biography of Greer, Christine Wallace quotes a nun who once taught her in Melbourne, and refused to read her Daddy memoir. “Don’t lend it to me. I couldn’t bear to read that that wonderful girl is so sad.’” Greer was once wonderful and full of promise. Today she is a flesh and blood warning to young women of how not to conduct your life.”
As bad as Miranda thinks Germaine is; I don’t think Germaine’s ever used someone’s infertility as a weapon against them.

Usually Miranda has some posts posted on Saturday night ready for Sunday morning reading but today the post topping her blog is still the post posted on Tuesday about police taser use. I’m imagining Miranda poised over her laptop motionless because she is lost on how to respond to either or both of these issues:

Last night on the ABC’s Q&A panel show, she mocked the Prime Minister’s figure, saying Julia Gillard should face the fact she has a “big bum”. Greer thinks the PM’s jackets are all wrong because from behind they go “horizontal”. According to her the jackets are cut too narrow at the hips. Nice, really nice. No matter whether or not you support the PM’s policies, this is the lowest criticism. Because of her status as a feminist icon, Greer has just legitimised every misogynist to attack Gillard’s appearance. As if they need any encouragement.