Poison Deviny
It’s the spectre of the carbon tax that created the budget’s central inconsistency, and which - as the ever helpful Graham Richardson pointed out this week - is based on a “fiction”. On budget eve, the former Hawke minister told the ABC’s Q&A: “I think a $23 carbon price is a joke. It’s probably three times what the world price is at the moment and I don’t think you can maintain a fiction for too long.”
Classic Miranda, 2010: In his post-mortem address Labor’s National Secretary Bitar fingered Gillard’s “real Julia” moment and citizens’ assembly as among the campaign’s worst mistakes, along with the Sydney rail link.Gillard signed off on all three. Perhaps most hurtful was Richo’s praise for Greens leader Bob Brown, “arguably the best politician in the country”. That has to be a sore point for Gillard, leader of a minority government dancing to the Greens’ tune of euthanasia, gay marriage, climate change and asylum seekers.
  • Euthanasia: No
  • Gay Marriage: a conscience vote that will probably fail
  • Climate Change: Yes but not as hefty a Carbon Price as the Greens want
  • Asylum Seekers: No