Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda, 2002: “We should be seeking solutions to the refugee issue, not building conspiracy theories, writes Miranda Devine”
She then proceeds to use the term “illegal immigrants”, argues the majority of asylum seekers are middle class (if they have money why are they risking their lives on rickety boats?), claim that asylum seekers get on boats because of greed for the Western life (instead of the fact that they mostly come from violent countries full of persecution), children are put on boats to trick authorities into sympathy (rather than the fact that the families of the children probably could only afford to save the children) and then says the solution is being tough on asylum seekers rather than people smugglers. If you are going to get on some shitty boat packed to the walls with people, I’m going to say you’re desperate and willing to tolerate anything. That doesn’t mean they should have to, we should be trying to help these people rather than making their lives that much harder. But no, Miranda thinks the real victims were the Howard government, which makes as much sense as offshore detention.