Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda, 2005: “Now the people of this Bush-hating city are being forced to grant the merest possibility that Bush … just might - might, possibly - have been correct to invade, to occupy and to try to enable a democratically elected government in Iraq. “Each of us has a Hobbesian choice concerning Iraq; either we hope for the vindication of Bush’s risky, very possibly reckless policy, or we are in a de facto alliance with the killers of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians.” You know who you are.
Classic Miranda, 2007: The anti-war protesters who picketed Rice might try having more faith in the Iraqis and the brave soldiers like my friend who are supporting them. “I think it is right that we are here,” wrote my friend last week on his 39th birthday, “and that we support these people against the thugs, criminals and terrorists who would try and turn back the clock on them”.
Classic Miranda, 2004: It is a reminder that the war between the civilised West and fanatical Islamic terrorists is real, not a war against an abstract noun, and a lot more complex and intractable than the “Blood for Oil” and “Neo-Con Warmonger” slogans would have you believe.
like “climategate”, “climategate 2.0”, “greenies”, “militant unions”, “militant gay lobby”, “neo-wowsers”, “neo-pacifists” “neo-sexists” “home-birth zealots”,and “eco-nazis”?
Classic Miranda, 2004: Conspiracy theorists are, of course, fringe dwellers, but they serve a purpose, pushing the boundaries of cynicism, feeding into the anti-West infotainment industry personified by the obese American filmmaker Michael Moore.

Classic Miranda, 2004: Grotesque photos from Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison, with their iconic compositions - the hooded prisoner attached to fake electrodes, the naked pyramid of men - are indelible, as is the chilling internet footage of wide-eyed, orange-clad Nick Berg, a US citizen, moments before his hooded captors sawed off his head. The images reveal the darkest depths of human depravity in ways no artist’s imagination could.

Which is why the wedding of Mary Donaldson to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark was such a joyous relief for the masses who stayed up until 2.30am yesterday to watch it on TV. The images could not have been more different: Mary’s sweetness and poise, Frederik’s eyes welling with tears as he stood at the altar, the joyful kiss on the balcony, the festive streets. All offered comfort; an antidote to life’s horrors.

And all is right with the world.
Classic Miranda, 2007: But if quotes from Howard don’t satisfy, listen to Major General Jim Molan, who was deputy chief of operations in Iraq under US General George Casey during the intense fighting of the January 2005 elections, the pre-election battles of Najaf, Tal Afar, Samarra, Fallujah and Mosul and of Ramadan 2004.
What a surely unbiased perspective.
Classic Miranda, 2007: Four years after the invasion, there is understandable cynicism in the community about Iraq and our part there. But our soldiers on the ground often have a different story. And with a new strategy and more troops this year there is cause for cautious optimism, as Prime Minister John Howard said last week in a speech to mark the anniversary.
Classic Miranda, 2004: “Hey England, Scotland and Wales,” wrote another irate American citizen, “mind your own business. We don’t need weenie-spined Limeys meddling in our presidential election. If it wasn’t for America, you’d all be speaking German. And if America would have had a president, then, of the likes of Kerry, you’d all be goose-stepping around Buckingham Palace!”
Pretty sure Truman and Roosevelt were Democrats.