Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda, 2011: “YOU have to worry when a comedian has more moral sense than an archbishop. But that is the conclusion to draw from the news that South Africa’s celebrated cleric Desmond Tutu has written a letter congratulating Marrickville Council’s attempted Israel boycott. “I want to pay my respects to you and your fellow Councillors in Marrickville for taking a stand to isolate the Israeli state,” wrote the 79-year-old Anglican Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, to Marrickville’s Greens mayor Fiona Byrne. You’d think Tutu might find more pressing humanitarian concerns in the Middle East to write letters about than continuing to demonise the only democracy in the region.”
Lebanon, Turkey, Kuwait and Morocco are all democracies
Classic Miranda, 2011: “In 1998, 18 per cent of Australians over 13 had recently smoked pot. That dropped to 13 per cent in 2001, and plummeted to 9 per cent in 2007. NOW that usage has spiked up, researchers are finding that children’s “perceived risk” of marijuana has fallen. In fact, kids disapprove more of cigarettes than bongs. The Gillard Government is quite happy to intervene and regulate to a ridiculous extent practices that are legal and less harmful - such as smoking, drinking and gambling.”
Classic Miranda, July 2011: “Adolescent psychiatrist Michael Carr-Gregg says people who spread hate on the internet do real psychological harm and should be punished. In Australia they can be prosecuted for violating the Commonwealth criminal code act of 1995, section 474, “using a carriage service to menace, harrass or cause offence”. It’s about time purveyors of hate and the websites they use are held accountable for the pain they cause.”

Classic Miranda, September 2011: “The Twitterati voiced delight as well: “Great victory against Andrew Bolt, hope one day he will be removed from radio and TV”. One tweet said: “now for Alan Jones”. The irony, of course, is that the chortlers are so stupid that they don’t realise they are next. The Federal Court has shown us that the Racial Discrimination Act can be used to silence unfashionable opinion.”


Classic Miranda, 2011: “Miller says that in the past when bullying or arguments occurred at school, only a few people witnessed them. But on Facebook your humiliation can be seen by millions. It has turbocharged one of the most destructive emotions known to teenage girls - jealousy. “It’s the old compare-and-despair game that girls have played forever, but now it is being played online,” says Miller. Where once there was a natural hierarchy in the playground, a “social totem pole” with the alphas or “mean girls” at the top, the internet has enabled the “revenge of the nerds”, who can anonymously undermine the girl who makes them feel worthless all day at school.“It gives the nerds an avenue to get their revenge which they never had before,” says social media expert Thomas Tudehope, from SR7. “
Classic Miranda, 2011: “Carbon pricing was poison when Kevin Rudd’s polls were plummeting last year and that was the reason Gillard suggested he ditch the ETS on which he had staked his leadership.”

"Newspoll head Martin O’Shannessy warned the Coalition not to get too excited about today’s poll.

"Labor’s taken a hit," he told ABC Radio today. But he warned the big turnaround should be treated with caution, saying it fell in the "rogue poll" range. "We think these numbers are probably telling us there is a protest vote … probably against the shelving of the ETS [emissions trading scheme]." 

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/making-unpopular-decisions-part-of-my-job-rudd-20100504-u47p.html#ixzz1neYRDFkH
Classic Miranda, 2011: “In NSW, after 16 years of damaging government had brought the state to its knees, then Opposition leader Barry O’Farrell promised to look at introducing recall elections so voters can dump “corrupt, incompetent governments”.
Classic Miranda, 2011: “Allow the Labor party to be taken over by a ragtag bunch of greens and kooky independents, with policy endorsed by the shadowy left-wing activist group, Get Up, which uses apparent blackmail to enforce its wishes on a reluctant populace?”
GetUp! discloses it’s donors while the Institute of Public Affairs which Miranda is happy to quote to back up her arguements doesn’t.
Classic Miranda, 2011: “The imbalance only becomes dangerous when both weight and skill levels are not matched, when for instance certain private schools engage in more enthusiastic recruiting of talented athletes on scholarships than is healthy. When a 13As team fields state level players who make the rest of the boys on the field look like clumsy midgets in slow motion, that’s when injuries happen. All power to the NSW Rugby League for gathering the data, but if mothers are scared of their child taking to the rugby field they really shouldn’t watch.”
Classic Miranda, 2011: “Whether it’s an $86 parking fine for overstaying your time at a meter or a $361 speeding fine that wipes out your day’s wages before you’ve even arrived at work, or a double demerits weekend that sees you lose your licence because your elderly parents aren’t wearing seatbelts in the back seat, fines are killing us. It is creeping totalitarianism, a regressive tax on people who can least afford it, which does little for safety or public order.”

"They looked for studies that had assessed the impact of speed cameras on speeding, road crashes, crashes causing injury and fatalities. After searching available literature, they identified 35 relevant studies. “While there is variation in the results, the overall finding is clear – speed cameras do reduce injuries and deaths,” said lead researcher Cecilia Wilson of the UQ Centre on National Research on Disability and Rehabilitation Medicine (CONROD). Compared with controls, the average speed fell as did the percentage of vehicles that exceeded local speed limits. The numbers of crashes in the areas of the cameras also fell, as did the numbers of people killed or injured."


Classic Miranda, 2011: “In Victoria, the new Baillieu government is like a heroin addict
addicted to the $61 million boost to its coffers so far this year, with a crushing 3624 fines every day reported from fixed and mobile cameras. Yet in response to the outcry from a fed-up community, what is their solution? “New transparency measures.” If you have a law that thousands of otherwise law-abiding people a day are breaking, it tells you something is wrong with your law.”