Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda, 2011: “PENNY Wong took umbrage at a little “miaow” from an Opposition bloke during a Senate Estimates hearing, and the fake sexism row lasted all week. But rather than being offended, women should own their inner cat. Be proud of the feline warrior within. Women have long been equated with cats because, in combat with men, women, like cats, are unable to compete directly with a larger, stronger foe. They have to be smarter, more fearless, and scary. Watch a little cat menace a big dog, swiping at its nose, hissing and glaring, and you’ll see that the dog looks bemused, then scared, then a little sheepish, much like the men in that Senate Estimates hearing last week as Senator Wong coolly deflected their attacks. Wong is a master of the feline put-down, the lacerating glare, the small, menacing snarl, and her martial prowess is admired by women who don’t even share her politics. Senator David Bushby’s blurted miaow may have been as much an instinctive expression of appreciation for a superior fighting foe, as a clumsy insult.”