Poison Deviny
THIS story of an inspirational teacher committed to helping underprivileged boys whose career has been destroyed by political correctness is a travesty - and I have no doubt similar injustices could happen in Australia. British teacher Richard Tremelling was sacked for breaching health and safety policy after he allowed two students to try out a sled on the snowy slopes behind the school in 2009.

But, after a ‘personality clash’ with the new headmistress Sue ­Hollister, he faced being struck off the teaching register for two breaches of health and safety guidelines and a third offence of running an after-hours class without permission. This week, in what’s been widely regarded as a victory for common sense over health and safety lunacy, a disciplinary hearing ruled that he should be allowed to continue teaching. But he was reprimanded for unacceptable professional misconduct after he admitted failing to act on an instruction days earlier, in February 2009, from Ms Hollister not to allow children on the snowy slopes. The reprimand will remain on his record for two years.

Classic Miranda, ‘11: “WHILE NSW school principals have the least power and autonomy of any state in Australia, Victoria, by contrast, has allowed principals to choose their own staff for almost 20 years. For award-winning Victorian school principal John Fleming, choosing his own teachers is crucial to creating the right learning environment.”

Update from Mail Online article I didn’t finish reading because I had to go to uni: ‘I’d engage the older boys with banter. For example, if a boy called somebody “ginger” or “gay”, I’d say: “What do you mean? You’re not gay, are you?” Taken out of context, such comments may sound wrong but, at the time, it was just banter. ‘Ms Hollister got to hear of it and called me into her office and gave me a dressing-down for ­homophobic comments. It’s ridiculous.”

Classic Miranda, 2004:”The more we see of Mark Latham the more it seems that underneath some admirable qualities seethes the heart of a hater, consumed with a clotted class envy that will be his downfall. Nowhere is this more clear than in his school funding policy released on Tuesday, with its hit-list of private schools to be punished.”
It’s so insulting how every time someone criticizes how much money private schools get from the government compared to public schools, they’re attacked by conservatives for being “jealous” and “envious”. Why the hell shouldn’t they be?, it isn’t fair. Why should the government be paying for billiard tables and marble columns while in public schools children are being poisoned by broken heaters? It’s class warfare, but not against the wealthy.