Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda, 2011: “This week Garnaut slapped back at power generators, claiming price hikes are all their fault. He did not mention the role of rapacious state governments which have clawed out dividends for years and demanded expensive and inefficient green alternative energy sources.”
I’m sure increasing population isn’t putting a strain on it at all. And if renewable’s are so inefficient then how come Germany which is at 20% of their energy coming from renewables was making big bucks by selling electricity to France during their last winter because the French largely nuclear based energy sector was struggling?
IF anyone is to blame for the current political predicament afflicting the nation, it is New England independent Tony Windsor. He and his sidekick independent Rob Oakeshott promised “stability” as the excuse for betraying their conservative electorates during their fabled 17 days of decision after the 2010 election. And yet, as the government grows increasingly erratic, stubborn Windsor still won’t admit he was wrong.
The people of New England must be damning Windsor for securing them faster internet, interest rates lower than they ever were in the Howard years and a carbon price which will bring money to energy sources that won’t poison their water and land like CSG.

Classic Miranda, 2011: “McGuiness faces the prospect of turbines encircling his farm, slashing its value by as much as 30 per cent and driving him off the land that has been in his family for three generations. “It’s just so hard to walk away from,” he said last week. “A lot of dreams would be gone.” His elderly father, Joe, is distraught. “It’s his entire life’s work the whole lot sitting there.” McGuiness grows fat lambs for Woolworths on the lush green rolling hills, and with lamb prices the best they have ever been he had hoped one day to pass the farm on to his three sons.”

“We bought and paid for all this land and put in tens of thousands of hours of hard work for the future,” he says.

and yet his fat lambs are unaffected by “wind turbine syndrome”, while coal seam gas which has led to animals losing their hair and dying isn’t worth a Miranda Devine post.
Classic Miranda, 2011: “The most effective solution, he says, is to dramatically increase research and development on green-energy technology. For every dollar spent on research and development, you would save $11 in future climate damage, which is about 500 times better than a carbon tax.”

"The carbon price agreement will create a Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), an independent body that will have $10 billion worth of funds to allocate as loans or equity investments. These are not grants, but will help renewable energy projects to get off the ground where they are unable to find finance. Half the $10 billion will be for strictly renewable energy, while the other half will be available to renewables or “clean” gas/renewable hybrids, but not for “clean coal” carbon capture technology. The other significant move is to create the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), which will administer $3.2 billion of existing renewable energy projects."