Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda, 2011: She (Melinda Tankard Reist) says the advent of sexting - girls texting nude images of themselves to boys - is also driven by the porn culture. “Girls get the message early they have to expose themselves sexually. They are being culturally groomed to act out these sexual representations of themselves,” she says. Sexual misogyny is rife.

"The percent of teenagers sending or posting sexually suggestive messages:

  • 39% of all teenagers
  • 37% of teen girls
  • 40% of teen boys”


Classic Miranda, 2011: “She was one of the chief peddlers of the lie that sexual liberation would fulfill women. She railed against the “bourgeois perversion of motherhood.” Yet she admits to a series of abortions and ensuing gynecological problems. Despite expensive fertility treatments, she was never able to conceive a child that in the end she wanted. She was married briefly before walking out and now lives alone. In her biography of Greer, Christine Wallace quotes a nun who once taught her in Melbourne, and refused to read her Daddy memoir. “Don’t lend it to me. I couldn’t bear to read that that wonderful girl is so sad.’” Greer was once wonderful and full of promise. Today she is a flesh and blood warning to young women of how not to conduct your life.”
As bad as Miranda thinks Germaine is; I don’t think Germaine’s ever used someone’s infertility as a weapon against them.
Classic Miranda, 2011: “But fashion reflects a society’s values, and there are signs the pendulum is swinging back. The 1950s-themed TV show Mad Men started the fashion trend of sexiness by implication rather than exposing vast expanses of flesh or wearing underwear as clothes.”

Fuck it’s set in the 60’s. How hard is to type “Mad Men” into Wikipedia? And remember this Rolling Stone cover?:


Classic Miranda, 2010: You just have to read the “f. . k” list written by a 19-year-old Duke University student, detailing her sexual conquests and ranking them by penis size and performance, to understand how joyless and pitiless the hook-up culture has become.
because it’s not possible that she was enjoying much of the sex she was pursuing; she has clearly been zombified by our sexualising culture
Classic Miranda, 2010: And the percentage of Year 12 girls who reported three or more sexual partners in the past year more than doubled from 12.9 per cent to 27.2 per cent. Not surprisingly, sexually transmitted infection had also risen. Sexualised by our sex-saturated culture, girls are more vulnerable than ever to the depression, anorexia, suicide and mental illness that is its inevitable byproduct.
I wonder why she doesn’t have statistics for that last claim …
Classic Miranda, 2010: “Two 13-year old and one 14-year-old boys - handsome football stars of Year 8 - have been expelled from a Sydney Catholic school after a female classmate complained they had touched her fully clothed breast three months earlier.”
Calm down Mrs Robinson

Classic Miranda, 2006: Integration is not just about accepting female equality, as the Prime Minister suggests, but about the willingness of moderate Muslim families to trust their daughters to a culture that seems to tolerate the premature sexualisation of girls.

Anecdotes from the adolescent front line suggest their angst is not unfounded.

For instance, a year 8 student, aged 15, attending a Sydney private girls’ school has apparently been given permission to sleep with her boyfriend in the family home at weekends. Since the peer group moves in concert, other parents despair at their ability to rein in their 14- and 15-year-old daughters while competing with such a lenient model of parenting.

Don’t mention the obvious reasons why a parent would make that decision; like they don’t want their kid having sex somewhere where they could get caught and arrested or they don’t want their kid to feel ashamed of wanting to do something that is completely natural or they want to make sure their kid is using protection. I can understand why a parent would be eked out by the idea of their child having sex but I think it’s a parent who really cares about their kid who will suffer through the awkwardness to make sure their kid is safe.