Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda, 2011: “Miller says that in the past when bullying or arguments occurred at school, only a few people witnessed them. But on Facebook your humiliation can be seen by millions. It has turbocharged one of the most destructive emotions known to teenage girls - jealousy. “It’s the old compare-and-despair game that girls have played forever, but now it is being played online,” says Miller. Where once there was a natural hierarchy in the playground, a “social totem pole” with the alphas or “mean girls” at the top, the internet has enabled the “revenge of the nerds”, who can anonymously undermine the girl who makes them feel worthless all day at school.“It gives the nerds an avenue to get their revenge which they never had before,” says social media expert Thomas Tudehope, from SR7. “
Classic Miranda, 2010: Driven by the evolutionary urge to socialise with large numbers of people their own age, they are reduced to consuming cheap liquor behind bushes instead of taking the safe and civilised option available in their parents’ day: going to pubs underage, with a dodgy ID, and nursing one or two expensive drinks under the watchful eye of a tolerant publican and the blind eye of the local wallopers. If a 16-year-old looked near enough to 18, and behaved properly, nothing was said and a good night was had until closing time, a sensible 11pm. Teens learned how to drink in a civilised way, without getting legless and drawing attention to themselves.
Now, instead, we train them to binge drink, secretly, to arm themselves with vast supplies of cheap grog and hide in dark places. We force them to see alcohol as a surreptitious vice, on a par with illicit drugs, consumed without rules, instead of on their best behaviour in safe supervised drinking rooms. With illegal drugs, authorities are all for harm minimisation but when it comes to alcohol it’s zero tolerance.
I’ve never heard of a kid getting arrested for underage drinking