Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda, 2010: “Former Howard immigration minister Philip Ruddock has likened his policies to “castor oil, something you have to take a dose of to deal with the problem”. “The first thing to do is to stop the boats,” he told me this year. “Stopping the boats stopped people losing their lives. Humane decisions along the way are good public policies.” Off-shore processing centres such as Nauru, the excision of islands from the migration zone and temporary protection visas all played their part. But Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard thought they knew better.”

"Note that the 2001 figures in the table below include passengers on boats that were intercepted by the navy and whose passengers were either returned to Indonesia or taken to Nauru or Papua New Guinea. The figures also include passengers on the SIEV X boat which sank in October 2001, killing 353 people. The rationale for including these boats is that they illustrate (a) the increasing numbers of people attempting the journey to Australia in 2001 and (b) the high proportion of children on the 2001 boats.


We know other things about TPVs. We know that people who were granted permanent protection visas could access family reunion programs and arrange for their families to join them. We know that this option was not available to TPV holders - mainly men - who therefore had no official channel by which they could arrange for their wives and children to join them.”