Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda, 2011: “Meanwhile, with flights grounded by ash and Qantas aborting landings in
Canberra and rerouting passengers back to their destination cities
because planes no longer carry enough fuel to circle the airport, we
need an alternative to air travel. It’s about time governments—federal and state—made serious plans for a fast rail network linking Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Excuses that it’s too expensive don’t wash with taxpayers who have seen billions squandered on political follies. What kind of a tinpot country has no decent rail service linking its
capital and major cities?”

Danger danger Miranda; that’s a Greens policy:


Classic Miranda, 2011: “This month the Yarra Ranges Council voted to boycott Reflex paper, a locally produced paper made from the waste of local timber mills. Greens councillor Samantha Dunn proposed the boycott in a “late item to the chair”, which did not appear on the council agenda and caught ratepayers such as local farmer and agricultural contractor Rick Houlihan unawares. The council went ahead at that meeting earlier this month and voted to join the Wilderness Society’s Ethical Paper Pledge. That is despite the fact that the council doesn’t use Reflex paper, despite the fact that the timber industry is the largest employer in the region and that paper made at the nearby Maryville mill is made from the pulp of legally harvested timber.”

"The production of woodchips for pulp and paper is the largest driver of forest destruction in Australia and Australian Paper, maker of Reflex, is the largest domestic purchaser of pulplogs from Victoria’s native forests. Viable alternatives exist. Australia currently has a vast amount of plantation wood available so there is no excuse for Reflex to be produced from the destruction of our native forests. Logging native forests damages crucial wildlife habitat, damages water catchments and releases huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere - globally, ‘logging and land-use changes’ account for approx 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, most forestry jobs are in the plantation sector but state governments use our taxpayer dollars to sell native forests at artificially low prices, undermining the plantation sector and putting plantation jobs at risk.”


As Christine Milne pointed out yesterday morning on ABC radio, focus groups are telling the government climate alarmism is on the nose. The Greens leader, of course, has no such reservations, warning: “The world is now on track for four degrees - that’s a climate catastrophe.”
She is not happy that the government has shirked its “leadership role to go out and explain” its policies and she knows exactly whose fault that is. “Tragically, I blame the Murdoch press. There has been a concerted campaign by the climate sceptics on behalf of the coal sector.” Yeah yeah, sure. When you can’t answer your critics, demonise them, and invent suspect sources of income. Rule No.1 of the Greens handbook. But you don’t have to silence dissent if you are telling the truth.
Classic Miranda, 2011: “The Greens are the party of punishers and straighteners, the wowsers of the 21st century, the fun police, the Malthusian pessimists, the pinched-face moralists lecturing the rest of us on our sins, forcing their god Gaia down our throats. “Repent! Repent! Before it’s too late!” they cry.”
Classic Miranda, 2011: “Even though he tried to hide, everyone saw Windsor and his grinning, bearded mate Oakeshott standing there last week, with Julia Gillard, Bob Brown, Christine Milne and Greg Combet , at the press conference announcing the carbon tax which the Prime Minister expressly promised during the election campaign she would never impose. And he’ll be hiding up the back of that sovereign sextet the next time they announce another of Brown’s pet policies – euthanasia, same-sex marriage and any number of wasteful crackpot green schemes that are anathema to conservatives.”

"SUPPORT for voluntary euthanasia is on the increase in Australia, with a new survey showing 85 per cent of the country is in favour of it."



"A Galaxy Research poll, released today by Australian Marriage Equality, found 76 per of Coalition voters back a conscience vote."

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/abbott-maintains-gay-marriage-opposition-20111205-1oes5.html#ixzz1my4DYTpy

"The breakthrough came after the Greens agreed yesterday to drop their demand for changes to the Medicare levy surcharge in return for a government undertaking to boost funding by $165 million over three years for dental services for those on low incomes."

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/greens-win-dental-care-boost-in-deal-on-health-insurance-changes-20120214-1t46s.html#ixzz1my4p7RbD

Classic Miranda, 2011: “Brown gives a passable impression of being a moderate, reasonable, man. But without him, as Mark Latham puts it, the Greens are a party of “real nutters and absolute extremists”, especially their NSW branch, once headed by former Socialist Party member Lee Rhiannon, who is about to land in Canberra as part of the Greens team in the senate holding the balance of power from July 1. She is spoken of as a successor to Brown, 65. Greens MP Adam Bandt is a classic inner-city left-winger, who rabbits on about a “climate emergency” which he sees as a vehicle to implement his extremist anti-capitalist views. As a law student, he complained that the Greens were too bourgeois for his Marxist politics. Greens candidates like Fiona Byrne (who failed to win the state seat of Marrickville) and Jamie Parker (who just squeaked home in Balmain) are more concerned about Israel than saving trees. As Marrickville mayor, Byrne mounted a boycott against Israel and said that if she were elected to parliament she would push for a statewide ban. It’s associations like this which discredit the green movement and everyone associated with it.”
How do they expect to become a minor party polling above 10% with loony ideas like those?

Miranda’s bulked up her claims about the Greens being doomed and their destructiveness to the country. Let me count the ways her claims are bullshit:

"With a desperate Labor minority government belatedly turning on its Greens partners, and the Greens vote going backwards in state elections, Brown, 67, had passed the zenith of his career."

"Good luck with that, considering greenies are the chief cause of grief to the bush. Let us count the ways. Forestry towns destroyed by irrational green tree worship. Uncontrollable bushfires caused, not by global warming, but by green opposition to hazard reduction. National parks left to feral animals which rampage though neighbouring farms. Dams never built thanks to greenie protests. Wind turbines plonked all over bucolic hillsides. A live cattle industry brought to its knees. The Wild Rivers assault on the ability of entrepreneurial Cape York Aborigines to earn a living from their land. Dangerous highways which kill country people in disproportionate numbers, because green tape blocks road upgrades.”

1. Greens don’t worship plantation trees

2. The Greens support hazard reduction

3. These feral animals would be stripping their own habitat too if this were the case

4. Is Barry not building a second airport because of greenie protests too?

5. “Bucolic hillsides” = good, native forests = let her rip?

6. The live cattle industry which is making record profits?

7.  The legislation means that destructive development such as  dams, intensive irrigation and strip mining is kept out of declared pristine rivers. However, Wild River laws support cultural practices and smaller-scale uses such as eco-tourism infrastructure, cattle grazing and fishing.  Native title rights are explicitly protected, and Wild River declarations make special water reserves specifically for indigenous economic development.”

8. Are the shootings in Western Sydney green tape too? The Star Casino shenanigans … green tape?

"The irony is that coal seam gas exploration has boomed because of the Greens. All that fracking in farmland is driven by their demands for “clean” energy to replace coal. The switch from coal to gas is embedded in the carbon tax package negotiated by Milne and Brown, regardless of their claims to be anti-gas now.”

The Greens have been the only party fighting to end csg exploration because they want us to use it?

Classic Miranda, 2011: “WHEN Alan Jones called the Prime Minister “Ju-liar” on air last week during a combative interview on his top-rating radio show he was denounced for the disrespect. But what else do you call the government’s backflip over a carbon tax but a lie?”
Oxford Dictionairy defines a “lie” as: a statement made by somebody knowing that it is not true”. How could Gillard have known that she would end up leading a minority government and would have to agree to a carbon price to form that government? 
New leader Milne made a pitch to “progressive business” and rural and regional voters, claiming “The Greens and the bush” simply misunderstood each other and “as a country person” she was going to remedy that and “advance a new conversation”. Good luck with that, considering the Greens are the chief cause of grief to the bush.
I can’t think of one reason why the Greens are causing rural people grief but I can think of some Green backed policies that could impact rural people;an NBN that will open up education possibilities for the isolated, ending CSG companies not needing farmer permission to poison the water/ earth on their land and restrictions on the supermarket duopoly to stop farmers getting screwed.