Poison Deviny
Classic Miranda, 2008: Having attacked our wool so unscrupulously and so successfully, PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is going for broke, claiming that meat is the “Number one cause of Global Warming”. In other words, action on climate change means turning into a nation of scrawny, lank-haired, dull-eyed vegans with wan babies who cry. Thanks but no thanks.
If you want to boil or drown rather than eat less meat I guess that’s you decision, albeit a weird one.
Classic Miranda, 2008: So unless someone comes up with a plan to drastically remake the human body, we are destined to keep eating meat. We have the teeth to tear it, and the digestive hydrochloric acid to dissolve it. What we don’t have is two or three spare stomachs with which herbivores are blessed, in order to process all the vegetables we would need to eat instead.
Bill Clinton is a vegan for health purposes. You can get the nutrients in meat in non-meat products without having multiple stomachs. The proof of that is that vegetarians and vegans aren’t dying from their dietary choices. And besides, the human body evolved to manage with meat, it doesn’t mean we have to eat meat.
#Miranda Devine : for the ethical treatment of farmers and Indonesians

Miranda’s latest article is a mess. She argues that there is no point in ethical eating because plants feel too, that not eating meat is being mean to farmers (because we have a moral duty to keep farmers afloat even if we disagree with their practices), that we don’t have a moral duty to the animals we raise to kill and eat because Indonesians need our meat, “meat is murder” is a “creeping idea” (The Smith’s album Meat is Murder was released in 1985) and the whole ethical eating thing is just “moral vanity”.

She’s also sick of ethical eating being “thrust” down our throats. I think many ethical eaters would argue they’re sick of ads “thrusting” that it’s UnAustralian not to eat meat down their throats. The “thrusting” she talks about is Michael Kirby talking in an interview about why he is a vegetarian and Jonathan Safran Foer discussing his book Eating Animals at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas at the Sydney Opera House. I know I’m overwhelmed. If she had read Eating Animals instead of just reading the blurb from Natalie Portman, she would know that he is very sympathetic and full of praise to farmers who treat their animals with dignity.

Miranda contends “we all agree animal cruelty is unacceptable, and animals should not suffer in death” but her whole article is a justification of why we shouldn’t care if animals suffer, the article is called “Everybody hurts, but we’ve all got to eat” for god’s sake (a jab at R.E.M.?).